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With over two decades’ experience and professionally trained staff, DEP Cleaning Services is uniquely positioned to deliver tailored cleaning solutions anywhere in Brisbane and South East Queensland corridor. DEP Cleaning Services is a leading provider of superior cleaning services across a range of different sectors.

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What We Do

DEP Cleaning Services is a fully compliant cleaning, washroom and an integrated facility management company providing cost efficient, professional service solutions that are tailor to meet the customers needs in many different sectors. We pride ourselves on being innovative and continually seeking to upgrade operational methods and introduce new technology to our customers. We care about excellence and your satisfaction and place an enormous emphasis on consistent cleaning standards, being reliable, responsive and easy to communicate with.

DEP Cleaning Services (DCS) has partnered with an Environmental Choice Range of cleaning products:

DCS’ environmental range of cleaning and sanitising products is highly effective, yet environmentally responsible
– Made almost entirely from renewable plant resources
– Non-caustic
– Readily biodegradable
– Certified by GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia)
This sustainable comprehensive range is the smart environmental choice for all your cleaning needs.

Our Service

Our services are about more than a service. It’s about the value we offer with every job. Whether big or small business, commercial or industrial cleaning, trained staff, specialised equipment and fixed rates will be in place to sit your budget with the quality of service every business deserves. We are specialists in complicated and difficult cleaning processes such as deep cleaning or floor cleaning. There is nothing we cannot clean, there are no impossible jobs or hard to reach spaces for us.

DEP Cleaning Services Pty Ltd (DCS) 

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