As safety is of paramount importance to us, we ensure all our employees are comprehensively trained in work place health and safety and conduct safe work methods at all times. We take the responsibility of reducing our impact on health and the environment very seriously. It is essential to our core business to maintain health and hygiene standards and protect our shared future.
The adoption of environmentally sustainable cleaning practices was a natural progression from our long-standing commitment to quality assurance, work place health and safety.


We appoint an account manager or onsite manager to each of our contracts to maintain regular face-to-face contact and conduct site visits to ensure our employees are maintaining cleanliness to the highest standard, We are just a phone call away and are available to address any concerns you may have. In fact, we at DCS are one of the very few companies that offer weekly inspections to each of our contracts, based on a 48-week year.


Our company ethos is based on collaboration, as it is important for you to be involved in decisions that affect your business. By working in partnership we will become part of your team and seamlessly integrate into your business so there is no or very little disruption to your daily operations. Our team can work flexible hours to suit your individual business needs and align with your site-specific safe operating procedures. We truly value customer loyalty and place great emphasis on customer retention, which is testament to our long-standing partnerships.


With over 25 years experience in a diverse range of industry sectors we have the business intelligence and know how that we synthesis across all industries and businesses. We are fully compliant in regards to work place health & safety, good management practices and we follow sound work method statements.


We can provide personal reports that track and measure our performance against your specifications, such as quality assurance and cleaning audits that compare the cleanliness of your site against a standard benchmark. We will use the information to monitor performance and take corrective action if necessary. We can also provide a report that measures and analyses key performance indicators such as accidents and injuries in your work place, right through to issue resolution.


Service Delivery

DCS had built its reputation and loyal customer base on service delivery that exceeds customer expectations, our friendly and helpful team go above and beyond to help out, in order for you to concentrate and focus on your core business.
We build long term relationships with our clients, we offer customised, efficient and effective service solutions to all customers.
We understand that open lines of communication is paramount in any partnership, we are flexible, hands on and agile with our approach which results in efficient decision making. This means we readily adapt, act quickly to obtain the outcomes your business needs.

DEP Cleaning Services Pty Ltd (DCS) 

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