Childcare Cleaning Services

Keeping Brisbane kids germ free for over 10 years

We know that keeping your childcare centre clean is important because it’s part of the parents decision making process. Nobody wants their child to be playing in an unsafe or unclean environment.

Besides, it’s not just the children who would get sick, the staff can get sick too! If your childcare facility is not cleaned properly, then there is a possibility that visitors, children and teachers can become ill or weak.


Our Professional Childcare and School Cleaning Services Include:

  • Dusting, mopping and vacuuming of all floors and floor coverings
  • Window washing and disinfecting toilets and wash basins
  • Waste removal and cleaning of bins
  • Antibacterial cleaning of play areas, benches, walls, baseboards etc.
  • Buffering, stripping and polishing of hard floor  

Our Process

Step 1 - Contact Us​

Call or Email us

We will return your call within 1 business day (Mon-Fri)

A cleaning consultation will be organised.

Step 2 - Site Survey​

A dedicated Account Manager allocated Appointment scheduled

Cleaning plan tailored to your facility’s requirements

Plan will be fully In compliance with all cleaning and environmental regulations

Step 3 - Induction

Resource selection to fit the needs of the site.

Site visit for all team members that will deliver your service

Quick, discreet walk through

Step 4 - Service​

An agreed upon Quality Assurance process to ensure your cleaning services are as per agreed specifications

48-hour issue resolution

Your Account Manager will be available to you during normal business hours

Childcare Compliance

We take compliance very seriously. 

For our employees, this means their wellbeing, remuneration and professional development is not only something we consider a chief concern, but a responsibility. We achieve this by diligently examining procedure, keeping their certificates current and ongoing investment in the training and development of our staff.

The investment in all of these things ensures that service standards, skills, training and systems are in place to help us create value and deliver optimal results to our clients. We do all this which also helps us keep in line with industry and government standards.

Our aim is to keep our employees, clients, visitors and the public safe whilst delivering a quality service at all times.


Work, Health & Safety

Our dedicated compliance team is responsible for ensuring all elements of Work, Health & Safety are addressed. Our aim is to keep our employees, clients, visitors and the public safe whilst delivering a quality service at all times. We manage Work, Health & Safety compliance through the creation, circulation and continual development of a number of key documents, policies and procedures.

Some of the key documents, policies and procedures include:

  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Safe Operating Procedures
  • Risk Registers
  • Incident Reports
  • Training Records
  • Site Safety Audit Documentation

Safety & Risk Mitigation

Ensuring our staff know and understand how to avoid potential risks and hazards associated with their day to day duties means providing them with a thorough induction process and training.

Our induction document contains all relevant Codes of Practice & Standards, potential risks and the controls put in place to manage them. As part of a site induction, employees are required to review the Risk Register and sign off on their understanding of the risks associated with the work they are undertaking.

Quality Assurance

By obtaining this certification we are ensuring that our policies, documents, processes and resources are all aligned with the aim of providing our customers with a consistent and quality service.

We guarantee to reduce your costs and waste
whilst improving the hygiene of your site.

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