Height Access Specialists

With extensive experience in abseiling, fall arrest and elevated work platform we can guarantee your cleaning will be safe and 100% perfect

Our Focus

Our focus has two parts:

1. Working in the safest way we possibly can.

We take great pride in our work and because our team have extensive experience they always go the extra mile when it comes to safety. When you are working at height, you can’t afford mistakes, which is why we hire perfectionists!

2. Servicing your needs.

When you work with DCS you can be guaranteed that you get the attention you deserve. Our honesty and pride carry through our desire to achieve the best possible result in the safest way possible.

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Our Services


We install anchor points for abseiling and fall arrest use that enables us to work without being distracted by safety concerns. For all jobs, we conduct both hydraulic and visual inspections of anchor points and provide a certification report.


In order to move around roofs safely, we install ladders, walkways & handrail systems. This also enables us to complete our work without causing damage to your property.


Have you heard of 'concrete spalling' This is in effect, 'Concrete Cancer'. It is the price that we pay for living so close to the ocean and the sea salt filled environment. This together with high humidity means that the process of steel rusting speeds up. There is a solution to the problem of concrete spalling though and we repair concrete and steel that is damaged.


A fresh coat of paint does wonders for a tired-looking building. We offer remedial high rise painting, small building repaints and difficult access houses. This includes sloping blocks and we can do this without the need for a scaffold. Your property can be returned to its' former glory and our team can make that happen!


If you live near the ocean, salt damage and corrosion ruin the building. With regular cleaning and pressure washing we can help to eliminate salt corrosion and lengthen the life of the materials.


We install LED signs and banners as well as working on billboards. If its high up, we work on it!


When you get water leak it can quickly make a lot of problems. We can find those leaks and get them fixed and sealed. Whether it's a window, expansion joint, a metal roof, or anything in-between.


We provide a wide range of maintenance options to ensure your property & assets are looking great & performing their best.


Our technicians are fully trained and certified by ‘Industrial Rope Access Trade Association’ (IRATA). Each of them holds current working at height and first aid certificate and they take safety very seriously.

Our work is carried out to the highest safety standards and we fully comply with:
  • Work Health & Safety Act & Regulation 2011.
  • AS/NZS 1891 2009
  • AS/NZS 4488 1997
We always complete safe work method statements and risk assessments before commencing any job. You can rest assured that the likelihood of anything going wrong is extremely limited.

These documents outline any risks or hazards that may be involved in the task at hand and details safe methods to perform the work. We are covered by $20 million public liability insurance.

We guarantee to reduce your costs
without compromising on safety.

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