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Professional Cleaning Service

With over two decades’ experience and professionally trained staff, DEP Cleaning Services is uniquely positioned to deliver tailored cleaning solutions anywhere in Brisbane and the South East Queensland corridor. DEP Cleaning Services is a leading provider of superior cleaning services across a range of different sectors.

Washroom Services

DCS supplies washroom hardware, the dispensers and the consumables such as toilet paper, hand towel, soap products, urinal pads, and air fresheners. We also supply sanitary bins, nappy bins, nappy change tables and sharps disposable units.
DCS is a leading healthcare and workplace hygiene equipment provided. We are committed to providing the highest quality of products and services in the workplace hygiene industry. DCS also provide equipment support, service installation & has a dedicated team on the road across Australia committed to putting our business first. The DCS network also provided comprehensive product supply. Distribution, installation and support.

Our Promise

We guarantee to reduce your costs and waste whilst improving the hygiene of your site.

Carpet & Upholstery

DCS applies the world’s best practices when it comes to carpet and upholstery cleaning. We have acquired a selection of the best equipment along with the most effective cleaning agents. DCS guarantee’s superior results.
DCS trained technicians apply the most effective methods to achieve the best possible outcome. Understanding the makeup of fabric, textiles and the composition of the various staining agents. With a high quality of workmanship and a strong focus on customer satisfaction, DCS is your number 1 choice for your business.

Pest Control

The importance of regular pest control cannot be underestimate. Infestations of cockroaches, rodents and other pests can have a negative impact on the cleanliness and hygiene of your workplace or residence. DCS trained pest control technicians can eradicate disease carrying pests from your immediate environment.
Contact the team at DCS and one of the technicians will be more than happy to assist you with an appraisal.

More Services


DCS selects only the highest quality sealers and professionally applies them to ensure a long lasting and hard wearing finish. Quality products will bring the luster and life back into your tired floors from vinyl, tiles, slate, terrazzo and various other hard or resilient surfaces. Whether it be 100m2 to 100,000m2 DCS will achieve the best possible result for your floors giving them the WOW factor.


Pressure washing is possibly one of the most effective ways to enhance both the appearance and value of your property. DCS knows the best techniques to use on various surfaces. We can provide the optimum result without risking damage to your property. DCS truck mounted system provides 5,000psi of either hot or cold pressure to remove the most stubborn grime and/or build-up. DCS can provide services for domestic driveways, shopping center car parks, fascia’s of a multi story buildings, concrete, tiles, brick and stone to name a few. For the ultimate clean contact the team at DCS


First impressions count. One of the first things people notice about a business
is the outside of the building and the cleanliness before they enter. This is often a “reflection” of the business and building owner. Whether it be a single pane of glass or a multi-story building, DCS has the expertise to obtain a superior result.
For large commercial sites such as high-rise buildings, DCS engages a team of high access specialists. Teams are accredited in the use of elevated work platforms and abseiling methods. DCS professional window cleaning and abseiling teams can clean a storefront or an entire high-rise building.

Anti-Slip Solutions

Mitigate your liability and reduce the amount of litigation your business encounters by having DCS tailor your anti-slip flooring solutions. Let our team assess the level of the problem and find the most effective path to compliance.
DCS tailor solutions to suit your surface, environment and budget providing long lasting results. Coatings, etching and honing to achieve desired outcomes are all possible solutions to resolve your specific needs.

Protective Coatings

DCS work extremely close with industry leaders in the development of specialist protective coatings for all surfaces. DCS are certified in the preparation and application of high quality protective coatings for walls, floors, glass, fabrics and much more if you have a surface that is either difficult or functional manner, DCS will tailor a solution to suit your needs.

Emergency Response

24/7 emergency responses to fire, flood and forensic catastrophes has become a fundamental component of our services. DCS provide our customers with the comfort of knowledge that these disasters will be handled with the delicate care that is sometimes required and that staff have all the necessary experience of both equipment and chemical to handle any situation that may arise. The DCS team is always on call to help you in your moment of need.

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